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We believe deeply in the sacred nature of a shared table and the powerful medicine that food can be–for the body and the soul. We may not be able to go out right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dine together!


A Shared Table and En Conjunto have joined together to create an online dining experience.

Digital Dine-In is a group of 8-10 people who gather virtually to eat a meal and share meaningful conversation. Guests are invited to prepare a meal in their own home and then join a video call where they will have the opportunity to eat their meal in virtual community with people from across the globe.

Each Digital Dine-In has a unique theme and will be led by two hosts. Dinner themes are chosen by the evening’s hosts so each experience will be unique and a reflection of the hosts' imagination and experience. Add to the mix each unique guest and you can expect conversations that are fun, educational, creative, thoughtful and more. Dinner conversation themes could range from "art for justice," "Indigenous food sovereignty," "the global community," "strengthening the local economy," "Black and Latinx relationships," and so on.

Anyone! A Shared Table is Canada-based and En Conjunto is U.S.-based, as such we hold a commitment to creating an online dining experience that can be enjoyed by folks from around the world. If a dinner topic is going to be specific to a region, or the dinner is held in a language other than English, that will be noted on the registration page.

That’s up to you! For individual participants, the Digital Dine-In is a pay what you are able experience. All funds will be used towards the sustainability of this project: honouring the skills and labour of the Digital Dine-In dinner hosts and admin team.

If you want to schedule a private Digital Dine-In for your group or organization please contact us.  We will work with you to curate a meaningful team building experience, including finding a topic and dinner hosts (experienced facilitators).


All of our dinner hosts are skilled facilitators and experienced in the art of hospitality. We support and resource our dinner hosts before and after their Digital Dine-In experience. We've also created Digital Dine-In Table Manners, which we invite everyone to review and practice during the dinners.  Read a PDF copy our of our Digital Dine-In Table Manners here.

RSVP for a Digital Dine-In by viewing the Dinner Schedule below. If you see a Digital Dine-In you're interested in RSVP today, as all dinners are capped at 10 guests.

That’s great! We are looking for Digital Dine-In hosts who have interesting topics to host and are skilled in the art of hospitality, facilitation, and creating an overall experience that allows people to feel seen and cared for. If that's you, contact us today.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us with questions or concerns via email.





Digital Dine-In is the vision of AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez and a joint heart project of...

What does it cost to participate?

How do we promote brave and safer dinner conversations?

What if I'm interested in hosting a Digital-Dine In?

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What's a Digital Dine-In?

Downloadable Items

Digital DIne-In Flyer

Digital DIne-In Table Manners

AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez


AnaYelsi is the Founder of 

En Conjunto—a collective providing support, community, resources, and collaborative opportunities to People of Color working independently at the intersection of justice and spirituality. She offers education, consulting, writing, and art that's based on an interlocking framework for justice and equity.

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Bernadette Arthur


Bernadette is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of  A Shared Table—a transformational event company that uses FOOD + STORIES + ART to design cross-cultural experiences that inspire authentic and inclusive community. She's also an experienced, trainer, facilitator and consultant in the areas of asset based community development, justice and equity.


Support the overall work of the Digital Dine-In project by dropping a donation in our virtual tip jar.  We are a grassroots project and do not have non-profit status, as a result we are unable to provide donation receipts.

Dinner Schedule

Digital Dine-In Dinner Schedule

WEBSITE EVENT  COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racis

COVID-19Anti-Asian Racism

The most recent surge of anti-Asian racism exposes the fragility of the model minority myth and the ways belonging for Asian Americans in this country is conditional. Together we'll unpack the ways the model minority stereotype has betrayed us as a community throughout history in its parasitic relationship with white supremacy. We'll also explore what it looks like to write a new collective counter-narrative in this defining moment.

website event April 16.png


This dinner will explore disparities based on race, gender, and sexual orientation in the justice system, and discuss how white (or otherwise privileged) individuals working in, or with, the justice system can work to reduce disparities. Hosted by two white men who work directly with the justice system, we will talk through our roles, the tensions we face, and the ways we can center Black, Brown and other marginalized voices in our advocacy.

website event April 22.png


In our life, we often behold three primary forces of Nature, those of creation - the spark of life and new beginnings; love - or the power of connection that helps us navigate our life’s journeys; and destruction - the end of a particular journey, story, life. Let’s join together to converse about where we have come from and where we are now - whether with poetry, scripture, song, or gentle movement - while we dine together companionably.

website event April 28.png


Forest Bathing and Ayurveda are two paths facilitators Drs. Jiselle Griffith ND and Sairupa Krishnamurti ND will take everyone on for this experiential journey.

Dr. Jiselle asks how we can walk in sacred relationship with green and blue spaces - even while indoors, using naturopathic principles, forest bathing and plant spirit connection. Dr. Sairupa also an Ayurvedic doctor promises to bring a particular focus of her connection to nature through Ayurveda.

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