COVID-19Anti-Asian Racism

The most recent surge of anti-Asian racism exposes the fragility of the model minority myth and the ways belonging for Asian Americans in this country is conditional. Together we'll unpack the ways the model minority stereotype has betrayed us as a community throughout history in its parasitic relationship with white supremacy. We'll also explore what it looks like to write a new collective counter-narrative in this defining moment. 


This dinner will explore disparities based on race, gender, and sexual orientation in the justice system, and discuss how white (or otherwise privileged) individuals working in, or with, the justice system can work to reduce disparities. Hosted by two white men who work directly with the justice system, we will talk through our roles, the tensions we face, and the ways we can center Black, Brown and other marginalized voices in our advocacy.


In our life, we often behold three primary forces of Nature, those of creation - the spark of life and new beginnings; love - or the power of connection that helps us navigate our life’s journeys; and destruction - the end of a particular journey, story, life. Let’s join together to converse about where we have come from and where we are now - whether with poetry, scripture, song, or gentle movement - while we dine together companionably.  


Forest Bathing and Ayurveda are two paths facilitators Drs. Jiselle Griffith ND and Sairupa Krishnamurti ND will take everyone on for this experiential journey.


Dr. Jiselle asks how we can walk in sacred relationship with green and blue spaces - even while indoors, using naturopathic principles, forest bathing and plant spirit connection. Dr. Sairupa also an Ayurvedic doctor promises to bring a particular focus of her connection to nature through Ayurveda.

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